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Bir M\'Chergua Power Plant

July 11, 2013 Official opening of the second part of Bir M\'Chergua Power Plant which consists on the installation of two new Gas turbines (2 x 120 MW). a Fast track project carried out in 6 months by GE-PIRECO for the Tunisian electricity company STEG.

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Extensive experience in detail design engineering using computer simulation and computer aided design (cad). All PIRECO’S engineering documents are produced using the most current AutoCAD revision.

The detail design engineering capabilities cover all disciplines, civil, structure, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation, and support all project construction phases.

Project Management

The project management is performed by a staff of qualified and engineers who have been selected for their experience and proven managerial abilities. They have been trained on most standard project management procedures including schedule monitoring, reporting, process control, cost control, etc.


Our procurement policy is based on:

» The right material,
» At the right time,
» At the lowest cost,


PIRECO’S supervisory staff has extensive experience in the construction of various types of process plant projects.

Through its specialized affiliates and sister construction companies, PIRECO is one of the largest contracting companies in North Africa.

Precommissioning, Commissioning and Start-up

PIRECO handles the pre-commissioning and commissioning activities by bringing in the necessary discipline engineers and engineered equipment.


PIRECO provides a partnership option to assist the client in operating and maintenance of oil and Gas installations and power generation plants (shutdown operations as well as long term contracts).