Our Group

PIRECO is a company of AL BADR GROUP, a Tunisian Leading Group, Privately owned, with a diversified portfolio (Construction, Automotive Industry, Aeronautic Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Renewable Energies, Waste Industry, Agriculture, etc…)

PIRECO enjoys, through its affiliation to ALBADR Group, of a strong financial and technical support allowing it to provide clients with a complete package of services and solutions.

The synergy between PIRECO and its sister companies of Construction is a unique competitive advantage.

For the construction execution activities, PIRECO rely on its sisters Companies:

  • SOCOBAT, for Building Construction & Civil works
  • SCIN , for Industrial Construction (Steel construction and Mechanical assembly)
  • ETELEC , for Electrical & Instrumentation Works
  • SMIP, for oil & gas operating and maintenance

All companies have a common vision, similar purposes and a single goal: better meet customer requirements.